Infusionsoft is Now Keap

Infusionsoft has undergone a name change and has rebranded. The company is now Keap.


You may have questions on why this is occurring and what it means for you. So let’s get to it.

So Why the Name Change?

The change is part of the company’s evolution from a single product geared for marketers to a two product company, which was previously called ‘New Infusionsoft’ and made its debut in the past year. What users knew as Infusionsoft became known as ‘Classic Infusionsoft’.

The goal of the new product was to better serve the millions of small businesses and they’re needs. To make the product simpler to use, with a more intuitive user experience, and easier to access and integrate features.

What’s Keap™?

Keap is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool with automation that allows business owners to better serve clients, grow revenue, and save time. To optimize the customer experience, and make their journey with the business a better one, so they aren’t just A choice, but THE choice.

The newer product from Keap has some really neat built-in features such as invoicing, appointment scheduling, sending quotes, and tracking sales opportunities. These features were previously either required third-party integrations or weren’t as easy to use.

What Does This Mean for the Classic Infusionsoft Product?

This change doesn’t mean the flagship product Infusionsoft is going away. That CRM and business and marketing automation product is now known as Infusionsoft by Keap.

And the company will support and invest in both products with Keap geared toward small businesses and Infusionsoft by Keap geared more at professional marketers and companies that need more robust features.

Check out this graphic from our friends over at Monkeypod Marketing, who specialize in Keap online courses and training, illustrating the name and branding changes.

Keap Infusionsoft

So Why the Name Keap?

Keap is our signal to the world—and to ourselves—that it’s time to make it easier to succeed. We’re on a mission to simplify growth for millions of small businesses.
Our new name is a nod to the tenacity of the small business owner and encompasses everything we know to be true when it comes to success: keep going, keep serving, keep growing.
Clate Mask
Keap CEO and Co-Founder

The company wanted a name that resonated with small business, its commitment to customers, and ease of use yet powerful features.

The name Keap reflects the company’s roots and the customers it serves, keep going, keep serving and keep growing.

Since words can’t be trademarked, they wanted to own the name so they opted for Keap. Thus, the company website for both products is

And if using Keap, instead of Infusionsoft links on emails and landing pages, you’ll see links.

They wanted a name that spoke to their larger vision and was distinct. And allow them to serve even more small businesses.

In the letter K, they’ve incorporated an arrow to represent the progress, the solution the product helps deliver.

What Are the Features Differences Between Keap and Infusionsoft?

Check out this handy chart showing the current feature differences. More improvements including a fantastic mobile app coming soon.

keap vs infusionsoft

Want to Learn More?

To learn more about the power of automation and how it can help transform your business, download the FREE ebook on the link below.

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