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Doing web design/development projects for nearly ten years and having significant experience in Google ad campaigns, we have several critical pieces of the marketing puzzle. We design and build beautiful websites, highly converting landing pages, and can send targeted, quality traffic to them from Google ads. But what happens from that point on is just as important, if not more, from a marketing standpoint, and for a business’ bottom line.

We searched for a more comprehensive solution where we could better capture and segment leads that come in, better convert them, nurture them, and provide the follow up and overall superior customer experience, and funnel for the business.

Because honestly, too many times marketing was looking like this…

marketing chaos

Have you ever felt way? Well, we even we did. Too many disparate pieces, loose ends and gaps. We wanted a better solution. For us and for our customers. We wanted to tie it all together in a way that really integrated everything together and worked for all touch points.

Build Your Marketing System – Your Blueprint

Companies need marketing, but really they need a marketing system. A targeted plan, a focused solution, they can execute on to reach more targeted prospected, strengthen their relationship with customers, optimize the customer life cycle, to gain more repeat business and referrals. To develop a game-changing customer ascension path.

This is what lead us down a journey. A journey into customer relationship management software, and business and marketing automation platforms. To better copywriting, more clear messaging, advanced marketing training, and more powerful integration tools, including text messaging and direct mail, where we could combine our technical and creative expertise, and utilize it all powerfully in one platform.

This eventually lead us to Infusionsoft, the premier platform for marketing and business automation. It’s a robust customer relationship management (CRM) software that helps you grow your business in a reliable, scalable way. Saving you time and money. Without having to take on more head count.

Small Business Success

We invested considerable time and energy into learning the way, the systems to help small business succeed. Studying small business success modules and honing robust business and marketing campaigns.

We are thrilled to announce we have achieved Infusionsoft Certified Partner status!

How Could Using Infusionsoft Benefit You?

Do you want to save time, deliver a more personalized customer experience, and close more business? Then Infusionsoft is the CRM platform for you. With 145,000 small business users worldwide, it organizes all your interactions in one place. This includes businesses in a wide variety of verticals including local service providers, professionals, real estate, medical & dental, health & fitness, events, coaches & consultants, online training and ecommerce businesses.

Want to automate tasks? Want to have systems in place for new prospects, new clients, each of your services, customer follow up, customer ascension paths, birthdays, holidays, long-term nurture, upsells, new hires, and so much more built out for the optimal customer experience? If you want your business running smoothly and profitably, even when you’re not there, having systems developed and implemented in your business is a must. Infusionsoft is the perfect tool to make this dream a reality.

Transform Your Business

Using Infusionsoft will literally transform how you think about and approach business and marketing. Unlike other single purpose tools that don’t work well together, Infusionsoft is the choice to tie it all together to realize true business and marketing processes. It delivers a powerful tool to automate and manage your sales and operations and allows you to create and execute campaigns for growth-minded small business…like yours!

Even better, the Infusionsoft community is awesome. Fantastic support and a commitment to small business success, like the 2017 Infusionsoft Small Business of the Year Dierks Farms in rural Illionois, a fifth generation family business, who saw a 148% growth in revenue after implementing the software into their business.

Want to be the next success story? Schedule a Consultation with Ascent’s ICP, Jason Nelson, here, to get started, or you can learn more by downloading the content below.

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