How Marketing Campaigns Transform Your Business

There’s a quote attributed to Dr. Ivan Meisner, ‘Specific is terrific with referrals’. The same is true in marketing, being intentional and specific is key.

The word marketing can encompass a lot of different things. There are dozens, if not hundreds, or marketing tactics businesses use to promote, sell, and distribute their products.

Tactics like SEO, social media, blogging are general in nature. They can contribute, and are nice to have, but they don’t typically serve a clear, specific, and integrated objective and comprehensive business strategy. You need a clear purpose and targeted intent.

Because disjointed, disorganized marketing is not profitable in the long run.

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With so many options, what cohesive, unified approach should a business use to sell more of their products and services?

After all, you need a system that works and generates the desired results quickly.

Gaining Clarity With Marketing

For marketing to be successful, you need a clear intention, a singular focus, a razor sharp objective that focuses on the most valuable assets in your business. Not a scattershot, spray and pray haphazard approach using a myriad of tactics that aren’t integrated.

So how do you gain clarity with marketing? So every marketing activity you do is moving you forward towards a desired, precise outcome? You know, so you can realize the SMART goals you’ve set for your business?

You do it through campaigns. And I’m not talking about the Best Buy TV Ad Campaign for the holiday season with millions of dollars in ad budget.

I’m talking about marketing campaigns that small businesses can use with a much smaller budget, but with real, tangible, definitive results.


Campaigns Using Marketing Automation

Marketing automation campaigns are like specific items from a menu, with a clear offering, so you know what you’re getting and what it contains and the purpose is clear.

Some are appetizers, some are the main course, and some are the sundae with the cherry on top, but they each have a specific role and function.

In business, if you target everyone, you target no one. With campaigns, you have a specific, targeted purpose. You have a clear focus, and objectives that have a measurable, meaningful impact.

What are some examples of campaigns used in marketing automation?

For Customers

  • New Customer WOW Campaign
  • Customer Stages/Life cycle
  • Customer Up-sell/Cross-Sell
  • Customer Re-Engagement

For After the Sale

  • Long-Term Nurture
  • Refer-A-Friend
  • Customer Reviews
  • Birthdays/Company Anniversaries
  • Holidays/Gifting

For Events

  • Event Registration
  • Trade Show Follow-Up
  • Webinars
  • Black Friday


  • Promotions/Seasonal
  • Lead Generation
  • Train New Employees

Start Planning Your Campaign Today

Campaigns are powerful. When you approach marketing with campaigns, you gain a whole lot more clarity in your business.

It unites your purpose and allows you to focus your attention on what’s important and help you reach your goals. Without being distracted by shiny objects, the latest social media hype, or what’s trending.

And allows you to be more customer centric and focus your time and energy on strategies and tactics you have greater control over.

Each campaign has an important job to do to move you toward a goal. Isn’t that what marketing should be about?

Your First Campaign

Which one of these campaigns are you most interested in your business?

It all starts with a strategy. Schedule a discovery call on the link below and let’s put campaigns to work to get serious results for your business!

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