Create the Perfect Marketing System For Your Businesses

You know your business needs systems. They build the foundation for consistency, stability, and processes for your business to grow and thrive. Systems to nurture, nourish, and optimize for the most valuable asset in business – your customers.

But what about a marketing system? Both internal and external marketing.

Does your business have a true system in place for this critical aspect to help drive growth?

Because you want to avoid is disjointed, unprofitable, marketing…right? You know the kind that is sporadic, not cohesive, and unreliable.

You need a system and a plan since marketing involves lot of stuff. You need to be laser focused and targeted in your approach for it to deliver results. And not just go about it haphazardly.

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Below are important factors to evaluate and consider when developing a marketing system. So you can seize every opportunity and supercharge revenue, and focus on what matters most for your business.

The State of Your Marketing

How do you currently marketing your business?

How is your marketing budget allocated?

Is your business ready for systems?

Do you have the assets and resources in place to build out these vital symptoms?

These are all critical questions and we first need to identify where you’re at, and see if you’re ready to create marketing systems in your business. They helps you see the big picture.

Creating systems is one of the best ways ways you can invest in your business and enhance growth, but it’s not right for everyone.

Identifying Goals

Your business goals should reflect what you want your digital marketing strategy to achieve. This is different for every business as every business is unique.

Some common goals may include:

  • Gain larger market share in a specific region
  • Lower cost for customer acquisition
  • Improve up-sell/cross-sell activity
  • Increase operational efficiencies
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Generate more referrals from customers
  • Gain more repeat business

First you have to identify the goals that are most important to you to gain clarity on focus and the objects you want to achieve.


The better understood your situation is, the more customized a solution can be delivered for you. Below are some examples of growth opportunities for a business:

Not attracting new leads

Not converting leads into customers

Lack of awareness in the marketplace

No defined process for creating content for marketing

Outdated messaging, Messaging that needs attention/improvement

No defined/delivered follow-up process with prospects/former clients

Inconsistent branding

Staying top of mind with customers, decision makers, influencers, etc.

Again, we are clarifying focus and identifying the marketing elements that need attention. It could be just one thing that’s lacking, three things, or more.

Which of these boxes would you check and in what order of priority from 1-3?

It’s critical to have clear focus and develop strong foundations in your business for systems to be successful.

Leads/Prospects – Taking Stock of Your Crops

To help create your marketing system, it’s vital to identify how customers find you, and the processes involved when you get a lead.

And then if a prospect isn’t quite ready to buy, what type of follow-up and nurture processes are in place?

And how is all connected? Because if you have information that isn’t connected, it becomes pretty disjointed. It’s quite possibly a clunker.

The goal is to create a closed-loop marketing system so you can convert customers at the highest possible level and keep them coming back.


Who is your perfect client? What is their age, gender, income level, hobbies, service need, or where do they hang out?

What are their pain points? Who is NOT your target client?

These are the types of questions we ask to understand your target, your perfect client and start developing the opportunities and assets needed


Are you attracting the types of clients you want? What are prospects most common objections to doing business with you?

Why do customers cancel your service, or not purchase again? What geographic area are your ideal customers in?

These are the types of questions asked to gain clarity on your customer focus, and creating irresistible offers for them.

After the Sale/Customer Return Path

This is one of the most important parts of business, and one of the most neglected. How long are customers typically in your business? What your client up-sell or cross-sell opportunities?

What is your process for getting them to come back? Because you don’t want to leave them out there all alone, right?

This is where we dive in to help you identify opportunities to reduce churn, gain more repeat business and more highly profitable referrals.

After all, this is one of the most important parts of your business, and the last thing you want to do is NOT give your customers every reason to come back.


In marketing, you need a medium, a message and a magnet. Having high quality content is incredible valuable in attracting new customers.

In a strategy session, we can examine the current size of your email list, what type of content you’re currently doing, how you promote it, and what new types of content are needed to build your marketing systems.

Content and an email list are assets you own and can control. These opportunities need to be taken advantage of.

Your Website

Does your website r e s o n a t e with your perfect client?

Is it modern, mobile-friendly, and up to date with your latest offers and most targeted services?

How are you currently driving traffic to your website?

Your website is one of your most tools to reach people in your business. We ask these types of questions we ask to assess how we can better use it to help develop your marketing system.

Assets (Internal and External)

Who currently does your marketing?

Do you have an internal team?

What existing assets can we use?

What are the most critical new marketing assets needed for your business?

Creating Your Marketing System Blueprint

With this information in place, we do what we do best, build out the perfect marketing system for your system.

You’ll receive a customized flow chart with all that details you need to start developing your marketing system.

We lay out the blueprint, with all the content, assets, skills, owners, and deliverables needed to create your strategy to launch and execute your first campaign.

Let’s Build Your Blueprint

At ASCENT, creating and building marketing systems is what we do. We want to help small businesses create the perfect systems for their business so they can scale and growth to new levels and take their business to new heights.

We promise tons of value and once you approach marketing this way and experience the huge difference it makes, you’ll never want to go back.

And you’ll probably be asking yourself, “why didn’t I start doing this way sooner?”

To learn more about creating your marketing system blueprint click here, or schedule your free initial discovery session with us on the link below.

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