5 Ways Marketing Automation Can Transform Your Business

Marketing is the lifeblood of every business. It doesn’t matter how incredible your product or service is if your prospects don’t know *or remember* that you exist.

In today’s world, there are more channels and opportunities to promote than ever before but this also means competition is fiercer than ever before.

With marketing automation, you can put your business and brand in front of prospects over and over again, until they’re ready to purchase. All, without any additional work on your part, it’s actually less work on your part.

In fact, 91% of people who use marketing automation agree that it is “very important” to the overall success of their marketing efforts across channels*.

The Clear Path to More Profit

We’re still not done convincing you though. Here are 5 ways marketing automation can transform your business:

Marketing Automation

*Source: https://www.cmo.com/features/articles/2017/2/16/15-mind-blowing-stats-about-marketing-automation.html#gs.NxoRwKc

1. Save Time

Imagine sending out 1/8 of the emails you currently do. Imagine making ½ the phone calls. Instead, you write a great follow up email once then use it for all of your clients. Oh, and you’re not even responsible for hitting send, that’s automated for you.

Not only that but all of you information is housed in one place, no more switching platforms and transferring info, everything you need is located in one easy to navigate platform.

2. More Organization

Is your information currently spread out across multiple platforms? Is your inbox flooded with emails to and from prospects that aren’t ready to buy? Or even worse, sticky notes and papers with prospect info lying about your desk? Do you have any clear data on what marketing efforts are working and which aren’t?

Marketing automation will provide one platform to help filter through all of the noise and clutter. All of your important information will be housed in one place, no more switching around platforms trying to find the information you need.

And you can have additional clarity and insight into your current initiatives so you can figure out what’s working and what isn’t, then adjust accordingly.

3. Fewer Lost Opportunities

How many times have you met a new contact, gotten a business card, seen a new contact submit a form, or talked to someone at a conference and though, I’ll email them later. I’ll call them tomorrow. I’ll reach out next week… Until the day never comes, and they, like many before them, fall through the cracks.

This is detrimental to your businesses success because you never know who your next best client will be. Unless you diligently follow-up with every lead, until they buy or die, you’re potentially letting you next best customer slip through the cracks over and over again.

Marketing automation takes the manpower and heavy lifting out of following up. You don’t have to set aside time or even think about it. Once your system is set up and properly configured you can relax and rest easy knowing that your leads are being carefully nurtured until they’re ready to take the next steps.

4. Get More Referrals

The easiest deals to close are referrals; it’s like you have a foot in the door even before your first conversation. Referrals also tend to be some of the best clients, good businesses refer other good businesses, and the cycle continues. But getting those referrals is the tricky part.

Again, marketing automation does the work for you. It can send clients through referral campaigns full of reminders and incentives to refer a friend. The best part is, you can craft the perfect campaign once then send every prospect through it. Gone are the days of writing a new email every time you sit down at your computer!

5. Make More Money

All of these benefits ultimately culminate to form the best benefit of all, more money and more profit for your business. All the time you’re saving means you have more time to focus on other initiatives to generate revenue. More organization means you can better track the revenue you’re generating so you can analyze it, and make more of it.

Seizing new opportunities will be easier than ever, and you’ll be doing so without any additional effort on your part. Getting more referrals, and gaining more repeat customers means getting more desirable, quality new business.


Automation Implementation

By this point, it should be clear why you need marketing automation in your business. The benefits are just too great to pass up. Now comes the most important and fun part – actually implementing automation into your business.

You don’t have to go at it alone. ASCENT is here to help you deliver the strategy and set up the automation your business needs. Schedule a free demo on the link below and start experiencing the massive benefits.

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