The 3 Simple Steps to Automating Your Business

Your business needs an automation system to run more efficiently, effectively, and more profitably. It’s the system you need to scale and grow your business, and maximize ROI.

Once you’ve dispelled the myths about automation, have realized its importance, and want to take advantage of the system to transform your business, it’s vital to start understanding and working on the building blocks that shape automation and the discovery process of implementing it into your business.


There are 3 distinct phases to automating your business. Start with phase 1 then move to phase 3 in time.

Start small, with the one thing you want to do first, then move on from there.

Read on to discover the three phases and then what can come next. But act fast, as time is of the essence…

Phase 1 – Identification

Determine what it is you CAN’T do any longer, what you don’t enjoy doing, what’s eating at you in your role in the business.

The repetitive/mundane tasks, the hats in the business you DON’T enjoy wearing, the opportunities you are losing, the pain points or chaos you want to solve.

You know the type that drive you NUTS and makes you sometimes want to quit your business.

It could be that failed billing that is eating into your cash flow. Sending out the same emails to every client, or thank you cards, or not having time to send those emails or cards and things falling behind.

Assigning the same tasks, or not getting those tasks accomplished, and things slipping through the cracks, and those leaks are hurting your business.


How Is Your System and Foundation For Lead Capture? Losing a Few Leads?

Or maybe it’s other things like…

  • Losing leads
  • Not having a follow up system in place
  • Not having a return path for customers
  • Not having a customer review system in place working for your business
  • Not getting enough repeat business from your customers or up-sells
  • Not getting the quality of referrals you want

It’s about identifying the opportunities and trouble spots. How long is your list?

Phase 2 – Planning

The second phase is thinking about what you’d like to start automating. What is your area of focus?

What is the one area of business you want to improve right away? Determine that one thing you really want to automate.

It could be …

  • Customer service
  • Prospecting
  • Harvesting leads
  • Invoicing
  • Employee training
  • Follow-up process
  • Improving repeat business with customers
  • Up-sells
  • or something else?

It’s best to gradually work automation into your business. This may look like having a better way for new leads to schedule appointments with you, or sending out a drip sequence for 6 months to former clients with nurturing and offers.

MAP it out, start small, and work your way up.

If you need help getting started, the three campaigns that are a must for every business are:

  • New Lead Indoctrination
  • Up-Sell or Cross-Sell
  • Long-Term Nurture (and we’re not talking about newsletters)

rubber road

Phase 3 – Implementation

This is where the rubber meets the road and you can start to realize the massive benefits of utilizing automation in your business. Create and deploy your first campaign, start utilizing the power of the platform, and track and analyze your results.

Next Steps

As they say, what gets measured gets done. Automation is not a set it and forget it system. Campaigns need to be measured, refined, and expanded upon for greater impact.

But the most important step is TAKING ACTION

Realize Your Goals

What would be so awesome to automate in your business and what would it take to make it happen it? Then as you start to see the massive benefits of automation, iterate and deploy new campaigns into your business and reap the rewards.

So you truly can conquer the chaos, save time, improve profit, and scale and grow.

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