3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Increase Revenue

It’s hard to believe it but the second half of the year is underway. It’s the third quarter, and it’s a good time to take a moment, review where you are with your goals, and see how you can adjust to get to where you wish to be by the end of this year.

Because you need July to be a fantastic month, gain that momentum for a stellar Q3, and carve out some type to enjoy those summer breezes.

Here are three things you should take action on to make the second half more successful:

1. Improve Your Website.

More and more customers are going online to make purchasing decisions and your website needs to be up to the challenge. It needs to make an immediate impact, with the right visuals, convey the proper messaging, and calls to action to increase your conversion rate.

It’s a good time to take stock of your website and update your messaging and your visuals. Consult with a web developer so your website can capture more leads and gain more business. So you aren’t just A choice, but THE choice.

2. Send More Email to Customers.

Email is still one of the best method to drive sales. When done correctly, it can be highly profitable, and a smart, low cost way to grow business. According to a 2015 Data & Marketing Assocation survey, for each $1 spent on email marketing, companies made $38 in return.

They say the fortune is in the list. It’s actually the relationship you have with your list, so why not take advantage of this massive opportunity.

Your emails don’t have to be boring. They need to be fun, informative, and make an impact with compelling offers that connect with your clients and prospects.

3. Use Automation in your Business.

Save time, get more organized, and make more money. The perfect trifecta. And this is what a CRM with marketing and business automation system can do for your company.

Stop the lost opportunities, tie up all the loose ends, improve your customer relationships, and close more business with an effective automation system. This isn’t complex, it’s a the clearest path to more profits.

Automation software with a CRM ties all the pieces together. It’s awesome for email marketing and we can integrate their web forms on your website to capture more quality leads. Put all the pieces of the puzzle together, gain clarity, and make your goals for the year a reality!

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