Logo Design Services

What does your logo say about your company? Your logo is one of the first things customers notice about your business. Have it make an impression, stand out, and convey the type of message you want your brand to convey with a professionally designed logo from ASCENT Internet Marketing.

At ASCENT, we help customers convey their message and their brand through our logo design work. Below are just a few of our logo design projects.

Law Office of Michael Ditchik

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Define Your Brand


What separates your company from your competitors? What is it’s unique value proposition and does it communicate this to your customers? Increasingly companies can be identified by an ideogram alone (icons/signs).

Even when words are used in a logo such as with Coca Cola, the ‘ribbon wave’ design is used globally across in dozens of languages. The twin-tailed mermaid used in Starbucks’ logo doesn’t even need ‘Starbucks Coffee’ next to it for brand identification.

This makes color selection, artistic ability, and understanding the target customer critical for a successful logo. Sometimes simple and bold can more effective than busy and flashy. Choosing the right logo is an important decision for a business.

More Usage Now With Social Media


Traditionally logos were used in visual communication to customers through signage, business cards, and letterhead and then in print, display, and TV advertising. Today, logos are being seen in more and more places.

A logo must also be effective for use on a website, for social media profiles, in online display advertising, and other places on the Web. This makes having a visually impressive, recognizable logo more important than ever.

Logos can be fun creative, fun, and inspiring. At ASCENT, we want to help you successfully launch or relaunch your business’ image in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Let us help define your brand with our logo design services. Contact us now to get started.