The Marketing You Need For A More Profitable Business

In 10 years of working in web development and online marketing, here at ASCENT we’ve worked with businesses in a lot of different stages. Some are start-ups, some are just starting to ramp up, others are multi-million dollar businesses or a Fortune 500 company.

So we’ve seen a lot, and have helped a lot of businesses improve their online presence & get on the right path.

Gaining clarity, having the right strategy & implementing a marketing action plan is one of the important things a business can do.

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To keep it simple, here are three simple things you need to do develop your company’s marketing foundation in your market.

1. High Performing Website

Your business’ website is your online home. It’s where customers can quickly find you, assess your ability to serve them, help you capture more leads, and prompt more prospects to take the next step to get in touch with your company.

You want your website to be engaging and have compelling calls to action so your visitors convert. To stand out in a good way, effectively communicate your brand and how you help customers.

If you’re just starting out or want to up your game, you’ll want to have your logo in place and domain name reserved, and then choose a professional web designer to develop a lead generating website. It’s worth the investment to have a site built right for your company’s success.

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2. Local Listings

If you’re a local service or retail business, having abundant, compelling, and highly visible online listings is a definite must.

What’s even better is it’s FREE to get listed on several of the main directories and platforms online including Google, Facebook, Yelp, and many more depending on your business niche.

You can input your logo, phone number, website URL, description, pictures, hours, and much more for your business listing.

Creating a Google business listing allows you to also start getting Google reviews, at no cost to you.

Having a lot of positive customer reviews are very important for your reputation and demonstrated the ability to connect with customers. They are a powerful online word of mouth of tool that builds trust and improves your conversion rates.

3. Social Media Presence/Engagement

You can similarly create profiles on social media and other industry-specific websites important for your business, which on many of the major sites should be free. You can use social media to post content about your business, respond to comments, create events, engage with prospects and customers, and more.

This can include a variety of platforms and mediums including Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram for business. Just be sure to have visually appealing, professional profile and cover images created for each of the platforms.

These factors are a must to dominate your local market online.

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Solutions to Grow Your Online Presence

These three essential marketing elements are absolute musts to be competitive online today and build your foundation.

By focusing on them and developing your company’s online presence, you can streamline your efforts, build strong, reliable ways for prospects to find you online, and devote your energy to what matters – quality new leads.

To find out how we help businesses with their online listings, customer reviews, social media presence, and have it all come together in a meaningful, impactful way, you’ll want to learn more about our local visibility services.

It’s the service that makes it easy to accomplish your goals. It contains all you need to manage and build the critical aspects of your company’s online presence and get the results you deserve.

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