How to Dominate Your Local Market Online

You know prospects are searching online for your business’ products or services. It could be on their mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

But how do you attract more of them, capture them and do so at an affordable cost without pulling your hair out? And without all the complexity, time consuming platforms, and disparate programs.

Imagine your business dominating it’s local market in online rankings/visibility. What would that mean for your business?

The good news is you don’t need five different tools, eight different systems, or a team of staff or an expensive agency to manage and optimize your business online.

Here are the five key aspects of your online presence.

Local Listings/Visibility | Online Reviews | Social Engagement |

High Performing Website | Data & Insights

Let’s take a closer look.

Local Visibility Listings

If someone searches for your business category, will you be at or near the top of the rankings? Is your business easy to find and the information up to date and accurate? You know you need top local search rankings. This is at the heart of your ability to be found online.

Online Reviews

Happy customers are critical for your business, but the world needs to know about it. Because you want your business to look good – right? You need a consistent, source of positive reviews, and steady stream of happy customers sharing their experience. And smart, fast handling in place to mitigate any negative reviews.

Social Media Management

Many people spend the bulk of their time online on social. You need to manage your social media profiles so you look good to prospects and customers. In addition to sharing content, posting, and keeping things up to date and engaging, social media is increasingly becoming a service channel where you need to respond to comments, questions, and monitor activity.

High Performing Website

Your business needs a professional website that converts more visitors into paying customers. With compelling calls to action, an easy to use interface, a clear navigational structure, and the content and features that generate more leads. With the content and search engine friendliness that helps you GET FOUND. And a professional, visually enticing design that CONVERTS.

Data & Insights

As Robin Sharma once said, “What gets measured, gets improved”. Developing your online presence is wasted if you don’t have insights into what’s working and learn from the results. You need all the information and insights in an easy-to-use tool that brings everything together.

The Solution

So how do you overcome these challenges so you can dominate your local market online? And without spending a ton of money on ads, or having to spend hours a day on these critical elements of your online presence?

It’s actually pretty simple. You do it through an easy-to-use dashboard where you can access, manage, act on, and seize all the opportunities for your business all in one place.

Want to learn more? Be found by more customers online, and get it all for a relatively low price? Then click here to learn about ASCENT’s local visibility services.

It’s a fantastic solution for smart businesses that want to dominate their local marketplace.

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