Link Building Services


Having links from other websites to your website is a very important part of SEO. External links are like a vote of trust or approval for your website. It is believed that more than 70% of a website’s ranking for a search term is based on their quality and quantity of external links.

There are a variety of different types of links, and each has a different value in Google’s algorithm. There are anchor text links, blogroll links, and footer links among others. The placement of the link on the page is a definite factor in its value.

ASCENT specializes in link building. We can help identify and get your website valuable, quality links that will help power your search engine rankings. We enjoy doing the work it takes to get the links your site needs.

Link Evaluation


Link building is a large component of our SEO services. At ASCENT, we research and scrutinize links and evaluate them for our client’s needs. We enjoy doing the detailed, diligent work it requires to move up in the search engine rankings. After all, SEO is how you get found on the Internet, which leads to customers and sales.

We look at the authority, trust and relevance of other websites and help determine their link value and authority. We want high quality links that search engines will notice and get you results for your keyword terms.

Link Strategies


Link building is tied to keywords. We look to identify terms that relate to your business and how you can rank higher in the search engines for these important, valuable terms. We can target dozens of keywords, if you would like, that can help give you a greater opportunity to attract more customers to your site.

For example, if you own a tax service business in Renton, Washington, we could target a variety of keywords that are related to and could help your business, besides just a search term like “Renton tax service”.

Think of it as having multiple listings in the phone book instead of just one. Also, having many links to other keywords provides variety and can help benefit the primary keywords you are targeting. In short, external links give you leverage and drive results.

Use Ascent For Link Building


At ASCENT, we excel at link building and enjoy seeing the websites we are working on zoom up in the search engine rankings. This can really pay huge dividends as the higher you move up in the rankings, the more visitors and customers you get on your website.

Contact us to get started with link building today.