Keyword Research Services

Keyword Research Services

Keywords are the terms you want your website page to rank for in the search engines. Nearly every page on your site should be designed and optimized to concentrate on targeted, valuable terms that can generate traffic from search engines related to your business. They are very important considerations when designing and developing a website.

How To Pick Keywords


ASCENT has considerable experience planning web pages for specific niches, evaluating keywords and optimizing pages to rank for them. When evaluating keywords, you don’t want to pick terms that have few searches, as you will not generate any traffic from them. You could have a well written, creative web page but if no one is interested in the topic, the page will have not have any value as no one will see it. You want to pick keywords that have search traffic and could bring visitors to your website.

However, you need to find the right keyword balance. If you pick keywords that generate a lot of traffic and are highly competitive, with tens of thousands of searches each month, you will be competing against large, established websites. They will undoubtedly be ahead of you in the search engine rankings and you could easily rank deep in Google’s results despite having a well–designed web page with quality content targeted for the keywords.

In order to move up in the rankings above other websites, it will take a significant investment of time and money.

Use Ascent For Keyword Research and SEO

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Keyword research is another example of how website design, development, and SEO all fit together. You need valuable keywords, a great design, fresh content, on–page optimization, external links, and other SEO tools to work together for your website.

Think of it as cooking your favorite recipe. You need all the right ingredients to be combined together to have it produce optimal results.

Let ASCENT provide the services you need to have your company’s website make an impact. We have years of experience picking keywords and can help you target keywords that strike the right balance.

Contact us today to get started evaluating your keywords and have your website deliver results.