Internet Marketing Services

Online marketing is a necessity for nearly any businesses. But setting up a simple website and pushing a single online advertisement will not result in much exposure. Too often, Internet marketing is neglected. As mobile devices become increasingly popular and more people are online for more time, businesses need a strong and highly visible Web presence.

Ascent Internet Marketing offers a broad range of Internet marketing services for businesses. These services include search engine optimization, pay–per–click advertising, Web graphics, social media, and email. You can select the service or services that are the best fit for your business and reaching customers.

Narrow Your Focus


The Internet provides a great opportunity to reach customers. But the choices and number of websites can be overwhelming. In social media networks alone, there are numerous sites that get tens of million of visitors per day including Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest. Most businesses need a multi-faceted online marketing campaign.

This graphic below from software maker SEOMoz illustrates the many online marketing opportunities. Many of these opportunities are available at a relatively low cost. By using our Internet marketing services, you’ll get services that will deliver results and allow you to focus on running and growing your business.

Inbound Marketing

Online Advertising


In addition to the services above, there are also numerous online advertising opportunities. There are various ways to advertise online, the most popular being via Google Adwords. Success in pay–per–click advertising can be difficult unless a managed program is in place, overseen by a marketing expert. However, when done properly, the outcome can be very financially rewarding.

Matching a relevant website to proper keyword phrases is a tricky exercise, but those who have the patience and take advantage of outside help can build a huge customer base. At Ascent Internet, we provide services that track online purchasing tendencies, adjust campaigns as needed, and expand the program to other advertising platforms as desired such as Microsoft AdCenter or Facebook.

Your Online Marketing Solution


It can become very easy to drown in advertising strategies and marketing suggestions. The small business owner will usually find that the job of constructing and managing a targeted advertising campaign takes an inordinate amount of time.

Using Ascent’s Olympia Internet marketing services can help you find the correct advertising niche and then channeling it through every possible medium can result in a large, loyal customer base and even larger profits. We help clients across the country.

So let’s get started. You can find links to learn more about Internet marketing opportunities in the footer below or call Ascent Internet Marketing at (360) 451-0072.