HTTP to HTTPS Migrations

Here at ASCENT, we’re all about providing our clients with the best possible experience. And we want the same for our clients when a new prospect or client comes in contact with their business.

With web browsers now showing http web pages as ‘Not secure’ or other security warnings when users go to their site, it’s imperative for businesses to take action to stop this message from showing.

After all, the last thing you want is an interested prospect coming to your website to learn more about your products or services and want to contact you only to be greeted with a ‘Not secure’ warning. You want people to feel warm and invited, right?

Secure Solutions

We offer the solution for this problem. The first step is to add a security certificate to your website. Certificates are installed at the server level, and we can host your website and install a certificate to make your website secure.

So instead of ‘Not secure’ on your website, they see a green padlock indicating safety and security, depending on which web browser they’re using.

Security certificates offer a number of benefits including:

website security certificate benefits

While we’d love to help you host, maintain, and support your website, there are other steps involved with adding a security certificate to a website. Because if all you do is add a certificate, it can cause a number of issues that negatively affect your site.

These can include problems with search engine rankings, having content still request http resources, or not forcing https so the padlock does not resolve cleanly in browsers.

HTTP to HTTPS Migration Services

At ASCENT, even if we don’t help you with your hosting, we can still help you with the http to https migration process. Our services include:

  • Preparing for the Migration
  • Website Settings, Code & Configuration Changes
  • Redirect HTTP to HTTPS
  • Provide Recommendations For Your HTTPS Website

We’re experienced, thorough, and professional, and want your website to be the ultimate lead generating machine.

Ready to fix your websites insecurities and STOP losing leads because of it?

Contact us today for a free quote and let’s make your business more secure!

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