How To Use WordPress


What really separates WordPress from other blogging platforms and Content Management Systems is its ease of use for the common user. Once WordPress is downloaded and properly installed on the website, users can add text, images, or videos in the form of posts or pages without any knowledge of HTML, CSS, or PHP code. It is literally as easy as taking a Word document, pasting it into word press, publishing it, and your then page is done. WordPress formats everything for you. It is also easy to add images and video.

With WordPress, you can also make easily changes to your WordPress theme to customize it, without it affecting your content or most plug–ins. There are hundreds of WordPress plug–ins that can be downloaded and activated to assist the user and extend the site’s functionality beyond just WordPress’ base install features. Ascent Internet can help you with these tasks.


WordPress can be used and managed in Windows and Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows operating system environments. Word–Press regularly updates, improves, and adds new plug–ins.

SEO Friendly

WordPress has a search engine friendly, clean permalink structure. You can assign different categories to articles, it supports tagging of posts and articles, and provides automatic filters for formatting and stylizing text. While some fear the loss of control with having a WordPress site, we have found that WordPress offers many benefits that can outweigh potential liabilities of the platform. WordPress can be better utilized with plug–ins, many of which are free, including SEO plug–ins.


Ascent has used a wide range of WordPress plug–ins. These plug–ins are great tools for getting the most out of your blog. They are highly useful, inspirational, or just for fun. For example, the Akismet plug–in is a must to minimize spam comments and is a huge time saver. You can either leave comments off or on in WordPress, but giving people the ability to leave comments can be useful.

We have personally seen the power Word-Press plug–ins have when paired with great content writing. We have seen blog posts go high in search engine rankings for valuable keyword terms. We are big fans of the All In One SEO plug–in, among others. There are also social media plug–ins, which can help visitors to your website share it with others on Twitter and Facebook.

Other popular WordPress plug–ins allow you to increase your site’s load time, have a JavaScript slideshow, prebuilt contact forms, XML sitemaps, advertising integration, Google Analytics integration, among many others.

Use ASCENT For WordPress Web Development

We are big supporters of using WordPress as a content management system. It is easy to use and has so many useful features. Whatever your site needs are, contact us today to get started using this great tool and get a custom WordPress design.