5 Tips to Choose a Domain Name

Choosing a domain name is a logical first step to claiming your place on the Web. But there are a lot of factors to consider including domain name extension and URL. Are you ready to choose a domain name? Check out these 5 tips to help you choose the right domain name for your business.

1. It Should Reflect Your Brand

While ideally you can choose an exact match domain name, it’s best to choose a reflection of the business name and what it does. If your business’ name is unavailable, you may want to consider including keywords about your business or a location if your business

2. Shorter Is Better

Keep your domain name short and easy to type and say. Although you have 63 characters available, shorter is better. Avoid the use of hyphens, dashes, and slang which tend to make domain names seem generic and confusing. You want a unique name but not something long or difficult to type or pronounce. However don’t make it so short that it’s inadequate or doesn’t reflect your brand.

3. Make It Memorable

While keeping your domain name shorter, it still needs to be memorable. Make it easy for people hearing about your business’ website to type it into their browser.

4. Think About Trademarks

Domain names are protected by trademark rules. Even if your name is not registered as a trademark it is still protected if you used it first. However if the name you choose is too similar to another name in existence you risk losing it. As you enter your domain name choice, the domain registration company will give you other choices if yours is taken.

While you can use a very similar name, make sure it is different enough that it doesn’t confuse consumers as to the source or quality of the products. Begin by simply searching the net for your domain name. Then check www.uspto.gov for existing or pending trademarks.

domain extensions

5. Consider Buying More Extensions

If your name is available as a .com, grab it. If not, consider changing it to make it available. If you have a particularly unique brand you may want to purchase other extensions for your domain name such as .net, .org or .co.

Some sites also purchase misspellings of their name. As a startup, this is likely not necessary. However, if you are finding misspellings of your domain and specifically operating in a certain country, buying an extension for that country can help protect your brand give you a leg up.

Making the Selection

Choosing the right domain name can be a challenge, especially with the millions of domain names already taken. But with a little creativity and choosing smartly you can make a name for yourself on the net. You can learn more about the providers we use and our recommendations here.

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