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It all starts with your website or landing page. You need a visually appealing, message driven website that captivates visitors to take action. It's your online home, your foundation, and you want to be impactful and profitable.
Great visuals, compelling content, and clear calls to action are all critical for superior performance. All the websites we build are mobile-friendly and built with SEO and the user in mind.
It's important to understanding your customer buying persona, the desired buying prospects you are trying to reach and where their need is greatest. This is often Google search but if you are looking to be more top of mind, have a great consumer offer, or really want to dial in on a precise demographic, Facebook or Instagram may be a preferred channel for your business. Get to know what you've achieved already in your marketing, what works, and what can be improved.
We recommend creating a written digital marketing plan to create, track, and measure to gain clarity on your business goals. A digital marketing calendar can be useful to help you plan for campaign events and milestones and track milestones. It's also important to tie all your marketing activities together with a CRM and marketing automation system.

Our Company

ASCENT is a full service website company. We provide web design, PPC, SEO, hosting, security, and marketing automation services. With our breadth of knowledge and expertise, we offer a holistic approach to online marketing that gets results. We want to be your partner in developing a professional website that provides the information your customers are seeking and lets you get found on the web. We work with each of our clients individually and can help design a customized plan that fits the needs of their business and their budget. For more information, see our about us page, testimonials, or contact us.
Since each project is unique, it depends on the scope of the project. We typically charge a flat fee for design/development projects. Our rates are reasonable for the industry. For SEO, we typically have a flat monthly fee for services. For Google Ads PPC, we have a set up fee and then charge 15% of spend for ongoing campaign management and optimization with monthly minimums.
Having a professional website is a great promotion tool for customers to learn more about your products and services. It is your online storefront and allows you to demonstrate why a customer should use your company and choose you. You can provide information and showcase your products and service through images and testimonials and have a form for customers to contact you. It is a simple, cost–effective resource for customers to find you, contact you, and use you.A website is one of a business' most powerful marketing tools. Having a professional website also lays the foundation for SEO and PPC success and can lead to a significant increase in business!
We have been designing and optimizing Websites for nearly a decade and have worked on hundreds of sites, with many highly satisfied clients, as can be seen in our testimonials and 5-star reviews. We are a Google Partner Agency, certified in both Google Ads and Google Analytics.
At ASCENT, we take a hands-on approach to getting to know clients and developing and optimizing professional websites. We don't hand you off from a sales rep to an underling. Your point contact will be Jason Nelson, principal of Ascent Internet Marketing.
At ASCENT, we understand the sales funnel and the tactics that generate and nurture ideal client leads. Our goal is to have a business' website make the maximum impact for their bottom line. By combining our design talents with content and on-site search engine optimization, Ascent's diversified approach helps business' achieve and maintain success in an ever-changing Internet environment.
We are located at 2316 - 4th Ave E, Suite B in Olympia, Washington's capital city. Our office is on the second floor above Action Business Furniture. We serve clients in the South Sound, the Seattle-Tacoma area, and across Western Washington. We formerly maintained an office in St. George, Utah and continue to serve many clients in Utah and across the U.S.
We work with clients in a variety of sizes. For design projects, we typically work with small businesses such as home service providers (plumbers, HVAC companies, contractors, etc.), ecommerce and professionals including doctors, lawyers, dentists, audiologists, and realtors). With Google advertising, we work with small businesses but we also work with larger companies who don't have an in-house Google Ads or SEO specialist. We become an extension of your marketing team.

Web Design

The process includes different phases including discovery/research, design, development, optimization, and launch. The process usually takes 1-2 months but can vary depending on different factors. It's important clients have the content they want to use (logo, written text, video, etc.) in place for timely completion.
It depends on the terms of the Agreement but we typically allow 3-5 rounds of design revisions. By gathering the necessary information and listening to our client's, ideally we have the design done right on the first few drafts. We want you to be completely satisfied. Additional rounds of revisions outside scope are subject to additional fees.
We build Websites to our client's tastes - to suit their brand and business needs. While some of our sites are fully custom, there are some Websites we build where modifying an existing design theme makes sense. This can help streamline the deliverable to client.
When we complete the build out out of a Website, we include 30- day support which an include user training via video, by phone, and in in-person when feasible. We also offer ongoing support as part of our Website Hosting services.
Yes, you will have total ownership of the Website and access to its back end. We build Websites in WordPress, which is the largest Website Content Management System (CMS) used in the U.S. It's open source and free to use. We do not use proprietary software or perform modifications that limit client access to the site. This allows any other developer the ability the ability to make changes to the code in case you want to make a change down the road. We do not believe in holding our client's hostage.
You do! We don't claim ownership to written text or images used on the Website.
For Web design projects, we require a 50% up front payment as part of our Agreement. While project scopes vary, the remaining balance is due on installments.
While we have logos in the past, it's not are area of focus. We can refer you to a talented, local graphic designer for all your logo, business card, and print design needs. Please contact us as we're happy to help.
Yes, we offer graphic design services for Websites and online ads. We typically do designs of the ads in 8 or more different sizes in the most popular ad spots.
Yes, with hosting service. However, if clients would like us to perform add or update content, make code changes, or new designs, we provide these services on an hourly fee basis.

Web Hosting & Security

Yes. We provide quality, reliable hosting services and it includes a dedicated IP address. We utilize powerful, state-of-the-art servers that have historically had 99.9% up time. Our website hosting services include site maintenance, WordPress updates, and nightly server backups. We provide 48 hour back up data for your protection and have anti-hack monitoring. Clients utilizing our hosting can also use domain email addresses.
No, you are able to choose the hosting of your choice. However, may find it simpler and more convenient to host with us, along with better performance and support. You can learn more about our hosting here.
Yes, if hosting with us. We recommend client Websites have security certificates, which provides encryption and helps thwart hackers. It is also a trust factor for users. We obtain security certificates through Global Sign, Alpha SSL, or other third party providers and perform certificate installation on sites and renewals. Certificates must be renewed each year and are an annual charge.
Absolutely. We can help you adjust all the settings your website needs, and Google looks for, so you can have a more secue website with a security website. And avoid the dreaded 'Not secure' warning in browsers.



The Websites we develop are search engine friendly. After all, we have eight years experience in SEO are a Google Partner Agency. For clients who value SEO for their business, we offer on-site SEO services, which includes preparing the title tags and descriptions, microdata, JSON-LD, performing optimization, and content/keyword analysis as a service.
SEO, the acronym for search engine optimization, is the process of improving your website's organic rankings on search engines. Organic ranking means that the rankings were done "naturally" and include the listings and map rankings, but without paid advertisements in the search engine. SEO services can help your company rank highly in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.When Google determines who ranks where for a search term, they use programmed algorithms that determine a website's placement in the search results. For example, when you enter the term "news" in Google, it is no accident why CNN ranks number one (at the time of search). For more information, see our SEO page.
SEO can be a cost–effective, efficient way to deliver sizable returns for your business. It is often the primary means to get traffic on the Web and your content and rankings can remain in the search engines for years. If you can get your site to rank in Google and Bing for valuable terms that people are searching for, you can generate a lot of traffic in the form of visitors to your website.Website traffic leads to business and profits. If your website does not rank in the top 10 in Google or Bing for key terms related to your business, you are missing out on a significant amount of revenue. The overwhelming majority of clicks to websites from Google come from the first page of search results. See our SEO services page to learn more.
SEO is not easy. To do it optimally, you need years of education and real-world experience. It requires a lot of time, expertise, and resources to get the desired results. You need on–page optimization and off page optimization. Furthermore, Google regularly changes its algorithm for determining its rankings so you need to be constantly gathering information to keep up to date on changes.It is usually no accident that a website ranks in the top 10 in Google for a competitive term. While there are a variety of factors that can lead to top rankings, it is a good bet that SEO work was a significant component for that company ranking so highly for a specific search term. Even large companies you may not think of needing it such as Amazon do SEO. Content and back links are a large factor in search engine rankings and a big part of SEO. Contact us to learn more.
Yes, we provide local citation building and also citation clean up and audit services. We perform these services manually so as not to be dependent upon automated feeds that may be limited by automated data fed into their system and can be more prone to incorrect listings and duplication.



Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a form of online advertising where you pay for clicks to your Web page from an online ad or a phone call directly from the ad. These ads can be text ads in search engines, image ads on sites that utilize display advertising, ads on video sites, and remarketing. Google Ads is by far the largest search engine PPC ad service.
We provide Google Ads campaign set up and ongoing optimization/campaign management services for search, display, and remarketing campaign. For more specifics on services, please see the PPC page on our site.
We have four years experience in Google Ads and have a track record of successfully managing campaigns with spend in excess of $30,000 per month. We are Google Ads certified.
Yes, ASCENT is a Google Partner Agency. We are certified in both Google Ads and Google Analytics. We have ongoing experience of managing campaigns with quarterly spend of over $25,000 per month.
Yes, we are experienced managing and optimizing campaign in Bing Ads.
Not necessarily, but they can complement each other and have a symbiotic relationship. But they also have disctinct differences. You can learn more about this here.
Yes, we do. For examples of our work, click here.
Yep, we design killer, high converting landing pages. Please see examples in our our design portfolio.
Yes, with both image and text ads. Remarketing is visitors that are 'tagged' and allows you the ability to retarget and serve ads to visitors that already visited your Website, but may not have taken action. You can learn more about this here.
As a Google Partner, we are able to obtain discounts for new advertisers such as $100 in free advertising from Google after $25 spent. Offers may vary. Bing may also offer discounts for new advertisers. Advertising spend is separate from fees for our services.

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