Six Simple to Success With Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a highly cost effective, efficient means to reach customers. You aren’t paying for each click and you don’t have to worry about search engine rankings or social media virality to reach customers.

People who sign up for an email list already have an interest in your product and service. Why not take make good use of this and market to them providing information they are seeking.

1. Make it Easy to Sign Up. Subscribers are the foundation of email marketing. Don’t make them work to find you. Have a clearly visible sign up form on your website home page with a prominent call to action. For example, Costco’s website has two email sign up locations above the fold.

Costco Email Sign Up Form

Create a separate sign up page on your website and give them as much information as possible on the benefits they can expect by signing up. Utilize your social media channels to promote your sign up page.

After a person signs up, thank them and send them a polite and engaging welcome message so they are excited to receive your next message. Also be sure to segment different lists so you can tailor your messages to best fit your individual customer needs.

2. Have a Professional Design. You want your email to represent your company in the best possible light and match the look and feel of your brand. It’s important to have a captivating design and layout that entices your customers to take action on your emails. It’s also important to promote a consistent brand image that represents the quality and professionalism your customers expect

3. Headlines. Your title is an important factor in your message’s success. Take the time to write a title that appropriately reflects the contents of your message yet grabs their attention. Don’t make the mistake of misleading your audience on the contents of a message as this can really spike your unsubscribe levels.

Headline News

4. Provide Compelling Content. People don’t have a lot of time and your message needs to positively grab them. Whether is a special offer, a new service, or other useful information, only send out emails where you’re helping customers and providing value.

Keep your messages fresh and test out different formats and types of content to test which ones work best. Content can include text, images, video, podcasts, and links to PowerPoint’s. Delivering high quality content can also result in more sales, engagement and social media shares, and a higher open rate on future emails.

5. Analyze the Results and Remarket. Most mail marketing providers offer free reports showing the opens, clicks, and other data on your message. It’s important to be able to read and understand these reports to evaluate their performance and make improvements for future messages. You may also be able to find out which people didn’t open your message. Take advantage of this information and resend your message to those that haven’t opened your message with a new title.

6. Have a Publishing Calendar. Stay on a consistent schedule with your messages. Seek to find the right balance of providing enough content to engage your customers and stay on their minds without overdoing to the point that they tune you out or unsubscribe.

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