Email Marketing Services

In a world where instant messaging, texting and tweeting have become standard forms of communication, email delivery remains a very effective and inexpensive method for mass advertising and promotion. Despite all the spam out there, people still like getting mail in their inbox. It’s one of the most cost effective marketing channesl.

Email marketing services offer clients a means to construct an ongoing schedule of delivery, targeted to specific audience(s). Email communication not only attracts new business, it provides the opportunity for relaying important updates, sales information and recommendations to a large customer base and keep them coming back.

The Basics Of Email Marketing


There are three categories of marketing via email. These are direct marketing campaigns, customer retention programs and insertion advertisements. A good strategy is to use all of these communication methods in order to build repeat business with customers. An email marketing service companies assists businesses with managing their email contacts and setting up and distributing messages.

Direct marketing campaigns are similar to the old fashioned method of procuring a mailing list and sending out flyers. Email software is available that allows the seller or service provider to send out a large number of electronic communications to prospective clients. The campaign can be customized according to age group, geographic location or past buying habits.

In any business, you want to get the word out about your products, services, and events. Retention advertising generally takes the form of electronic newsletters. The goal is to create a lasting impression on the reader. Information about certain products or services that may be of value to the consumer are explained in greater detail than when direct marketing emails are utilized.

Benefits Of Email Marketing


The cost of this email advertising is surprisingly small. The return on investment is normally higher than most of the pay–per–click advertising methods. The Direct Marketing Association estimates that approximately $40 in sales are realized for every dollar spent on email advertising.

Over 50 percent of small business owners currently have an email advertising campaign in operation. The monetary risk is negligible because a large investment is unnecessary in order to put a campaign in gear.

Email marketing targets a specific audience with ease, is data driven and supports sales through alternate channels. Email sales campaigns offer customers the opportunity to examine the product or service in further detail by direct response, through the website, or through a social/business network.

As mobile Internet continues to rise, email is more easily accessible and visible to customers. Email marketing can help you stay on the minds of customers and attract new people into your business. It should be a component of a business’ Internet marketing strategy.

How Email Marketing Services Help


ASCENT email marketing services can help clients construct a campaign, using data to construct a targeted ad program. They can send different messages to different groups of customers or prospect customers. The automation available today makes email much more scalable and cost–effective than snail mail delivery.

One of the reasons most small businesses use email marketing service is to insure that all communications are permission–based. A commercial email should only be sent to a person who gives permission for the receiving of promotional material. Marketing professionals can tailor an online advertisement program that reaches only those members of the population who will gladly receive promotional communications.

Don’t Wait to Get Started


In today’s rapid pace of change on the Web, email almost seems outdated. But people still respond to email. At ASCENT, we provide email marketing services that can help a business attract and retain more customers. We can create visually impressive graphics and other content that can make email interesting and eye-catching to customers.

The other great benefit of email marketing is its relatively affordability. Email promotions are the least expensive online advertisements available, yet produce a very high return on investment when targeted properly. Email automates much of the process and is a huge time and money-saver over snail mail.

ASCENT’S email marketing services are affordable, take the guesswork out of constructing an effective advertisement or promotional communication, and target the most favorable segment of their customer base. It’s also super powerful when used with a marketing automation system.

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