Who Can Benefit From a Membership Website?

Imagine a revenue model working in your business where you can gain steady, recurring revenue into your business with the opportunity for exponential growth.

And instead of a few dozen clients, or even a hundred clients, you could serve thousands of customers, and make a massive impact in their lives, with no extra work. It’s like having your cake and eating it to. Who’s up for that?

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That dream, can become a reality if you have a membership website for your business, where paying subscribers can gain access to what you offer on a subscription model. This can allow you to grow and scale your business to levels you never dreamed of.

Membership Models

Membership sites are perfect for the growth mind business or successful entrepreneur that wants to deliver content to their members on a structured, consistent basis, but NEEDS protections in place to guard the content, so that only PAYING subscribers gain access.

The types of businesses that area great fit for the subscription model include:

– Coaches
– Trainers
– Health and Fitness Professionals
– Consultants
– Experts

Even if you don’t think of your business as a subscription model, you’d may be surprised to learn that nearly any type of business can be productized and turn customers into subscribers.

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This structure allows you to tap into a steady stream of monthly revenue and scale and provide more value to your customers, without the ebbs and flows of monthly cash flow, or the project to project insanity.

The Features You Want, Your Way

Membership sites can include video training, audio files, forums, content downloads, or you can even sync with specific folders from Dropbox to release the content to members. You can also integrate quizzes, exams, and modules for online certification programs. And then recognize and reward achievement and engagement with gamification.

The payments to join/maintain a user’s membership are typically made via order forms or through a more fully developed e-commerce solution. Payments to release subscriptions can be integrated with Infusionsoft order forms, Stripe, and PayPal.

With the right systems, you can also integrate automation triggers to help users at each stage of their membership journey, enhance their experience, and allow them to purchase more.

The Tools Needed – What We Recommend

  • Website content management system. We recommend WordPress.
  • Video. If you’d like to have video content for your members, you’ll need a video platform. We recommend Vimeo Pro or Wistia.
  • Payment system. This can be achived through a service such as Stripe, PayPal or the Infusionsoft payment system.
  • Membership plugin. The membership back-end of the website. We recommend Memberium.
  • Quizzes, exams, and certification functionality. We recommend the LearnDash for this service.
  • Marketing automation software/campaigns. For integrated campaigns such as as cart abandonment, purchase follow-ups, and other automation triggers. We recommend Infusionsoft.

What Services Do You Need for a Project?

For your membership site, you need a professional, conversion-focused site so you can focus on running your business and realizing its vision.

Beyond the functionality and programming for your site, you may also need design, video services, audio equipment, copy-writing, and automation services. These are all important component of providing amazing user experience, having a site that converts at a high level, and keeps members coming back.

Don’t Leave it to Amateurs

Developing a membership website is a serious endeavor. There are a lot of pieces that need to come together for a successful outcome, not to mention all the technologies involved. In addition to providing service, they can also bring new and unique ideas to the table to expand your visions and create a membership site that’s even better than you could imagine.

Consult with an experienced membership website developer who can provide a complete, robust solution and start turning your dreams into a reality.

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