When’s the Right Time to Redesign Your Logo?

A successful logo is consistent, memorable and tells your target audience what you’re all about. They are versatile and have a timeless feel. Your our logo is one of the most critical elements of your branding strategy. But to often, it’s ignored.

The best logos connect with your buyers, creating instant recognition, a most sought after attribute. People seldom buy just because of the logo, but it is how they remember products. That’s why a behemoth like the oil company BP spent well over $100 million for their redesign.

A new logo can give a clean, modern feel to a tired brand. But it can also really tick off your loyal customers. The new look can be a considerable expense too. With so much riding on “to redesign or not to redesign,” how do you make the choice? Here are three questions to help you judge.

Is It Causing Graphic Problems?

If your logo isn’t showing up well in ads, it might be too complex to scale well. It might have too many color or design elements to affordably print it. A solid logo serves you and makes it easy to get the word out. You don’t need one that gives you technical problems.

Very few people remember Apple’s first logo from 1976, an intricate, black-and-white image of Isaac Newton sitting under a tree. It had a Victorian feel about it, with the company name difficult to read in a ribbon on the top and bottom. It was a printing nightmare. They rapidly moved to the rainbow-striped apple. In 1999 they dropped the color and went with the elegant, sleek design that is still in use

Did You Merge or Are You Expanding?

Since a logo tells people who you are and what you offer, a merger or expansion can be a valid time to invest in a redesign. For example, Starbucks removed the circle around its mermaid before moving into non-coffee areas.

Mergers often mean a new name. Expansions mean your ideal customer, or buyer persona, might be changing. A redesigned logo can help you rebrand and gain the attention of your expanded market.

Does it Appear Dated?

Some businesses have the same simple logo they started with years ago even if they’ve made considerable gains from their infancy. You want your logo to reflect the current and forward burgeoning direction of your company, not its spartan start up days.

A good time to consider updating your logo is when you’re expanding your marketing. Perhaps you’re adding your logo to company vehicles, to signs, billboard, or ramping up your online advertising. These are considerable expenses so having a logo in place that promotes a positive, up to date image is important.

Be Cautious, Don’t Rush Into Changing It

If you have a more established customer base, take your time and get feedback and input before implementing a quick logo change. An updated logo can promote a new direction for your company. But consider carefully before deciding on your logo redesign choice.

To get ideas on logo designs and view examples of our work, check out our logo design portfolio.

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