5 Factors to Consider When Building a Website


When most users first land on a website, the first thing they usually notice is the visual experience and color usage. While your design is likely to flow from your logo, there are certain color combinations that statistics show are more appealing to the eye, helping you to keep customers on your website longer.

In developing your website, you want to focus on having a high conversion rate to maximize their online–based revenue. Use effective color choices, content and calls to action that fit your business, your brand, and keep customers coming back.

Website Layout


The layout of your site includes is where you will place the text, images, forms, videos, and other applications. Layout plays a big role in the look and usability of your website. There are a lot of considerations to take into account, as you want it to look clean and professional and attract the most visitors possible.

There also navigation factors to consider. And URL extensions. Your naming conventions should make it easy for the visitor to identify the different sections of your site.

Correct Code


It is important that your site has correct HTML code and CSS and proper use of other web programming language such as PHP and JavaScript. Bad code can make for a poor user experience, an awful conversion rate, and hurt your search engine rankings.

It’s critical to check the accuracy of our code and check that it renders properly in the major web browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. Also design and test your Website so it’s mobile friendly, with validation on Google mobile testing.

Search Engine & User Friendly


Web design is not just about its aesthetic qualities for the user. When you are designing or redesigning a website, there are SEO considerations to take into account from the start. The way you have your title tags, Meta tags, header tags, internal links, page descriptions, h1 tags, and use of keywords are factors that can impact your search engine rankings. These are components of on–page optimization, which is important for SEO, as is creating a highly desirable user experience.

Ascent Web Design

The Mobile Imperative


With more than 50% of local searches often coming from mobile devices, it’s critical to have a fast loading, mobile optimized website. In addition to providing a much better user experience and a higher conversion rate with a mobile optimized site, having a less than friendly mobile site can also affect your Google rankings.

While there are many decisions that go into constructing or reconstructing a website, these five factors should not be overlooked.


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