How to Create a Better Landing Page

If your business uses SEO or PPC for marketing purposes, targeted, compelling landing pages are essential to turn visitors into customers at the highest rate possible. Ads and articles that link solely to your website’s homepage generally have lower conversion rates.

On the other hand, a well-crafted landing page that delivers on the promise of your ad or content, will turn visitors into solid leads or customers at a much higher rate. Below are tips to you create a more effective landing page.

Focus on Branding and Design

Your landing pages should be great reflections of your business. Additionally, you want them to incite positive reactions and actions from visitors – achieving important goals like calling for your products or services, signing up for your emails, clicking on further links and making purchases.

The most important aspect of a landing page is the above-the-fold area, so focusing on creating one that is relevant to your brand, and highly appealing is your goal. This will keep visitors on your page, engaged with your content, and prompt them to take action.

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Target Topic to Offer

Well-designed landing pages should enhance your company’s brand, while featuring the relevant content that these visitors came to your page to find, whether that is specific information about your business or a special promotional campaign. SEO friendliness can also be important for the best results.

Some additional elements that make your landing page more interesting for visitors is easy browsing, a user-friendly layout and well-planned site architecture based on available user data and marketing information.

The landing page design should be flexible and easy to upgrade or modify as needed, and capable of integrating multimedia like video and images. Additionally, personalizing the landing page based on demographics, location or the visitor’s history are all important aspects of building a high-converting landing page.

Compel Action

Calls to action are the task that you want your visitors to perform. That action can be filling out an information form, calling, clicking to subscribe or making a purchase.

If your landing pages look visually appealing, on-brand and they are easy to navigate, your visitors will more quickly be able to become your customers. Targeted landing pages help customers take action and enhance a business’ bottom. After all, what good is an ad if you aren’t conveying the messaging prompting the highest rate of return?

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