7 Nasty Mistakes Business Owners Make With Their Websites

Business owners have a lot of decisions to make when developing a website. Website design should be treated similar to the design and décor of a store. A clean, modern design, prominent calls to action, the use of interesting visuals, and user-friendly navigation are all-important factors in a website’s success.

There are a lot of business owners that don’t understand this, and their websites invariably suffer, making little impact. Below are seven nasty mistakes business owners make with their websites.

1. They Don’t Make it a Priority.

Business owners are often focused on running the day-to-day operations of their business. Many don’t understand the Web or what it requires to have a successful online presence. And what they don’t understand, they don’t make a priority.

Having a strong online presence is important for nearly any business. As more and more people use smartphones and more people go online to find products and services, a professional, well marketed website can make a huge impact for a business’ bottom line, even if they aren’t doing ecommerce.

Business owners should consult with a professional Web designer, someone they trust and can partner with to develop a successful online presence. Some business owners do it on the cheap the first time, and then have to redo the whole site soon after, after realizing their errors.

2. They Don’t Focus on Design.

Too many business owners view a website as just something to have, as if you just need to have it because that’s what everyone else has. Some business owners even spend weeks attempting to design their own website. They are too stubborn or cheap to pay someone else to do it.

The website will undoubtedly turn out to be unprofessional and the business owner lost the opportunity to make thousands of more dollars because they were learning how to build a basic website. A website’s design and functionality is crucial to its performance. Using professional web design services can make a huge difference in an ability to convert a website visitor to a customer.

Design lays the foundation from which a website can be successfully marketed whether it is through SEO, SEM, offline marketing, email marketing, or another form of Web marketing. The Web is a powerful marketing platform that is growing everyday. Don’t you want your online marketing efforts to have the maximum impact?

Website design for Real Estate Agent

3. They Have Thin Content.

Having quality content is another key factor in a website’s performance. Some people just build a website as an online brochure with some basic information about their business. They literally have a four page website, which makes for a website lacking much breadth to reach potential customers.

While quality should always be a focus, the more hooks with tasty bait you have in the water, the more big fish you can catch reaching your targeted customer. When design your website, work with a company that provides blogging and content services to help build that strong foundation of content.

4. They Have Duplicate Content.

Other business owners take a different approach with their website. They use content provided by the manufacturers of the products featured on their website. This duplicate content tells Google your site is adding little value to the Web. Treat each page of your website as something you want to have control over and be able to market to reach more customers. You should provide product descriptions, but make them interesting by rewriting them and adding fun visuals.

5. They Allow Others to Control It.

This is actually one of the worst mistakes a business owner can make with a site. Many businesses understandably want another company to handle their website. But be careful what terms you agree to with your website.

Some companies such as publishing or phone book companies, which offer enticing “deals” to build out a business’ website, may claim ownership over all the content on the Website, which is not a smart move for a business. Would you want another company to control your business and your online property that way?

In the worst cases, some companies spend many hours preparing the content for their website only to find out later they don’t own the rights to any of the content on their own website. When choosing a Web designer, it is best to go with a company that gives you full ownership rights to the content on the site. Understand what you’re agreeing to before you sign it.

6. They Don’t Market It.

Some business owners complete their website and think in their mind that they can move on – the website box has been checked. But if you have a nice store with useful features and great products or services, it needs to be marketed. People don’t magically start coming to a website.

SEM, email marketing, and particularly SEO are key factors in garnering a larger share of Web traffic. Most business owners need help and can benefit from Internet marketing services to help them get a leg up on their businesses.

7. They Focus Their Energy on Facebook.

Facebook is currently one of the most widely used websites in the World. Its popularity can make it a great way to connect and engage with customers. And it’s easy to use, requiring very little technical know-how and no knowledge of code.

But businesses don’t own their Facebook pages, Facebook does. And Facebook’s popularity could start to wane at any time. Also, Facebook pages likely won’t have the same success in the Google rankings as a well optimized website would.

While businesses should be where their customers are, they shouldn’t do it at the expense of putting all their eggs in one basket that they don’t even own. Spend the majority of your time and investment on your own website.

Post written by: +Jason Nelson

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