5 Elements of an Effective Landing Page

Having a website for your business is a necessity in today’s marketplace. But how do you get visitors to your website to respond and take action? Consider using an engaging landing page rather than a vanilla homepage to turn casual browsers into paying clients or customers.

By putting a few elements into practice, you can convert visitors at a much higher rate. Here are five elements needed to create that conversion with an effective landing page.

A Compelling Headline

A landing page needs to grab the visitors attention. One of the most important ways to do this is to write a headline that is precise, sharp and interests them enough to read more.

Using a single targeted message instead of several can ensure your reader is not confused or overwhelmed by choices. If too many options bombard the user, they may leave because they feel overwhelmed or isn’t focused on their specific need.


A picture really can be worth a thousand words. Choosing the right image is as important to help prompt action. Many sites offer stock images that are simple to use, but you need to be wary of using overly generic photos.

The images you choose need to convey the message you are making and match the level of quality you are providing. While many of the free stock photo options offer variety, it may be worth the investment to look for more specific images that match your vision, or have a custom graphic created.

Call to Action

One of the most important tools you can utilize, the call to action CTA needs to hold a position on the page that is highly visible and quickly seen. The point here is to stimulate your user’s interest and cause them to act.

Not only is the wording important but the font and capitalization choices can make a huge difference in converting users. Pick colors that are enticing but easy to read.

Compelling Content

Your reader has come to your site because they are looking for a solution. The written content of your landing page needs to convey how you are that solution and answer the questions your user may have. Large blocks of text, being overly wordy or difficult vocabulary is unnecessary and can damage your appeal.

Value Proposition

Perhaps the greatest tool and biggest selling point are providing concrete examples of how your business benefited others. Reading actual accounts from previous clients and customers help convince users that you can deliver what you are promising.

Have a review process in place and ask satisfied customers if they would provide a review. Putting an actual face to the positive words offers legitimacy and can be greatly beneficial.

Whether your business is service or product based, using a landing page and having compelling landing page design and messaging can convert the visitors to your website into paying customers. Provide quality content, a clear call to action, and real client feedback to engage potential customers and keep them coming back.

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