We Can Create Great Content For Your Website

As a web design company, you probably expect us to provide great designs. Our goal is to have have highly satisfied clients and build professional, conversion focused websites. We want your website to be engaging, match your brand vision, and drive more leads and sales to your business and al the websites we build are mobile friendly and built with the user, and search engines in mind.

But what you might not know is that we can also help provide you with great content for your website. We want to make it easy to build great websites for clients and as a result, we help provide the building blocks needed to have your Websites get results. Besides, what’s a website without great content?


We have worked on hundreds of Websites and know the importance of relevant, high quality content for a site. By providing valuable content, not only are you answering the questions and providing the information you’re customers are seeking, you’re also help your Website be more easily found in search engines.

At Ascent, our content writing services help clients who don’t have the time or wherewithal to write the content for their site. We charge on a per page basis. We can also create awesome infographics to help convey information in a more meaningful, visually appealing, and shareable way.

We have found by providing content services, not only do our clients get great results, it also helps streamline development times and helps clients have their Website up quicker with a better finished product.

Stallard Photography: Commercial &emdash;

Photography and Video

Written content isn’t the only medium to provide great information for your customers. Images and video are critical components of a Website. We have partnered with a local St. George photographer and videographer to help clients get the high quality photography their business needs. This includes team photos, products, real estate, aerial, and ‘action’ shots.

Live Chat

You want your visitors into clients and live chat can be an effective tool to better monetize Web traffic. Live chat service isn’t the right fit for all businesses but it can be an effective tool in capturing leads to your site, especially if your customer value is more significant. When installed on your site, live chat can be available 24/7, staffed by real people, that can professionally engage with prospective customers, obtain their contact information, and email you the chat transcript immediately after the chat has concluded.

We can help you seamlessly integrate live chat service onto your Website. The provider we typically recommend is Ngage, as can been seen on our site, but there are a variety of live chat providers depending on your type of business.

Live chat has different billing methods but typically there is an initial setup fee and then a per chat service fee, in which you are only charged for a legitimate, qualified chat that is in your geographic area and is not a previous contact. To evaluate this tool, it’s useful to know that based on data from Ngage, only about 2-3% of websites visitors will be legit chats on average.


Hosting is not content but it’s what keeps your website content up and running 24/7, all from the palm of a customer’s hand. We utilize powerful, state-of-the-art servers that have historically had 99.9% up time. With our hosting service, you get dedicated server space and great customer support at a reasonable price. We also offer security certificates and security badges to thwart hackers and promote trust and confidence in your site.

Contact us to learn more about our content services and the other tools we provide to help our clients get more results from their sites!

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