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Welcome to our blog. One of the purposes of this blog is to demonstrate how our content creation blog writing services can help businesses. We can create custom blogs within an existing website using WordPress. Our custom WordPress design services allow you to maintain the look and feel of your site while adding a blog that fits seamlessly within the rest of your site’s design theme.

The WordPress theme we have used in this blog is Twenty Eleven, which is currently the default theme. It is free to use and has great functionality such as the ability to moderate comments, add polls, images, video, and is SEO friendly. We can also modify the code such as stripping all comments from the blog if you do want to have to manage comments.

You can see how we have customized this blog by comparing it to the Twenty Eleven theme.

Make Blogs a Part of Your Web Strategy

Blogs are an important part of a website. Each post has the potential to bring thousands of visitors to your website, which can bring in a lot of new customers to your business. At Ascent, we know blogs and know how to create articles that target the maximum amount of traffic and are geared for SEO.

We know what keywords are valuable and what on-page attributes help your search engine rankings. The cumulative affect of blog posts can be substantial, as long tail traffic can be a significant contributor to the overall number of visitors to your websites. Blog posts can also rank high in Google for important terms that help drive business.

Content is King on the Web

Content is what your website needs. But writing quality content is a lot of work and takes a lot of time. Free up your resources from this arduous task and use our services. For more examples of themes, blogs, and custom WordPress design check out our portfolio. And if you would like a custom blog or other services, contact us today.

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