Content Marketing Services


Your company website needs high quality content and regular new content to have it deliver the best results. Ascent Internet provides content marketing servcies to help make this happen. We have great writers and editors that can produce high quality pages, articles, and blogs for your website. We know how to use content to help your search rankings and provide the information your customers are seeking. We can optimize it with the proper keywords and on–page attributes that search engines use as part of their evaluation of a web page and its search engine rankings.

Ascent regularly writes content for websites, including new pages, articles, and blogs. We have had blog posts rank number one in Google for their topic. These types of results can deliver a lot of traffic from other search terms, known as long–tail traffic, which in addition to your targeted business keywords can be a powerful combination. Ascent works on websites that get thousands of monthly visitors from blog posts alone. This type of traffic can generate a lot of income for your business.

Why Is Content So Important?


The more content your website has, the more chances you have to rank in the search engines for a particular topic or term. Using a simple sports analogy, would you rather have five players on your team or ten players on your team? All things being equal, you would rather have ten quality players on your team. They offer you more depth, diversity, and fill more roles giving you an advantage, similar to how having more quality content can benefit your website.

Having more content, can give you an edge against your competitors. It allows you to rank for more key search terms relating to your business, which helps deliver results. It is also important to update your content regularly to keep your site fresh and current. Adding a blog to a website can definitely be a benefit in this regard.

High quality content can help the authority and trust of your website, which search engines value and consider in their rankings. It also makes other websites to link to your website for your content, which is known as “white hat” SEO, and helps your search engine rankings for related terms. Great content also makes for a better experience for the user!

Use Ascent For Content Writing Services


Ascent provides a wide range of content writing services. Whether you want 10 pages or 50 pages developed, a weekly blog, or just a monthly article, we can customize our content writing services to fit your needs. We are here to help your business identify the needs and opportunities for its website and reach your business’ goals.

However, great content is only part of the equation. It needs to be combined with link building techniques and strategies to maximize your search engine rankings for key terms. If there is a specific term you want to target more quickly and advertise for, we can help you with an Internet advertising campaign.

Ascent can design and implement combined content generation, SEO, and online advertising strategies to get more out of your website and unlock the Internet’s potential for your business. Contact us today to get started.