Citation Building, Clean Up and Audit Service

If your business’ focus is local, your business needs to be visible and have consistent business information. Consistency of business information in online directories and the number of quality citations is one of the most important local search engine ranking factors.

Don’t let messy citations hurt your local rankings. With business listings and audit services, the top business directories online based on your location can be corrected and enhanced.

The Need for Consistent Business Information

With the wide variety of online channels consumers are using to find your business (search engines, directories, social networks, review sites, mobile apps, etc.) it is more important than ever to ensure that your information is correct and accurate. Google and other major sites want to provide the best user experience possible and accurate data helps them accomplish that goal.

Inaccurate business details, like an old address, wrong phone number, incorrect hours of operation or missing listings, can be detrimental to your business and negatively impact your local search rankings. Keeping your business information up to date and maintaining consistent data enhances your local visibility and providers more opportunities for customer engagement.

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Citation Services

A quality citation provider will make sure your Google listing is problem-free, well- optimized with proper categorization, and appeals to customers. This is important as if anything’s wrong with your Google listing, you’re business is less likely to show up in the local results.

In local search there are specific citations that have a direct impact on your local search visibility. A quality provider will optimize all your top listings and eliminate inconsistencies, which helps improve your local rankings. They’ll work through the top sources and ensure they are accurate and enhanced.

Use a Professional

Getting listed on all the important business directories is a complex and tedious task. From discovering where you are already listed, uncovering and removing duplicate listings and verifying your listings ownership; the process could take well over 40 hours. A professional can complete a comprehensive citation audit to find all your correct, incorrect and duplicate citations on the top sites.

Working with a professional citation provider, they’ll analyze, cleanup and enhance your business listings on the top important citation sites for your market. They can help identify any missing listings. Even if your business is already listed on many of the top sites, you may be missing some listings, especially if your business is relatively new.

They’ll also carefully analyze, cleanup, and enhance your business listings on the major data aggregators including Localese, InfoGroup, Factual, and Acxiom. Data aggregators syndicate business information to many different websites and online platforms, so having them fixed and complete is important.

They can also work with you to get the listings verified through phone or mail verifications, which is required to update listings on some of the top directories and data aggregators. They’ll also provide detailed reporting containing all your citation details, actions taken, status and login info on the directory sites.

Why Not Automate This Process?

Automation services like Yext and other providers are limited to the sites in their network. Often they don’t include the most important sites. They’re also more costly in the long-run and limited by the data fed into the system and prone to miss duplicates and incorrect listings.

With automation, you rent instead of OWN your listing. When you cancel your subscription, many of your listings revert back to their incomplete or inconsistent format.

Take Action

Don’t risk losing more customers. Ensure that your listings on all of the important sites are accurate and properly listed and enhanced on all the directories with ASCENT’s citation audit and clean up services.

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