Google Ads Campaign Set Up

mouse selectWhen you want to reach targeted customers online, as the largest search engine, Google search is a good place to be. It receives nearly 2/3 of all U.S. search engine visitors. Google search is a premier advertising opportunity to connect with buyers for your company’s products or services.

Google Ads provides a wide range of advertising options including text ads, display ads and video ads. It may seem easy enough to enter your keywords, set your budget, and start up your campaign, but it’s not that simple.

Ads is a complex advertising platform and unless you’re well-versed in how to write compelling ad copy, improve your ad quality scores, and have highly relevant, quality landing pages, it’s smart to seek assistance from a Google Ads Certified professional.

Google Ads Campaign Set Up Services


As a Google Partner Agency certified in Ads and Google Analytics, ASCENT provide PPC campaign set up and ongoing optimization services. Our services include:

  • Strategic campaign planning/consultation
  • Keyword research/selection/setup for up to 300 keywords
  • Set up for up for one campaign and up to 20 ad groups
  • Text ad copywriting
  • Bid set up
  • Geographic targeting
  • Custom URL setup
  • Ad extensions
  • Negative keywords
  • Google Analytics integration and Goals tracking

Google Ads is much more than Google search. It includes Google display advertising, video advertising on YouTube, call-only campaigns, and advertising on third-party sites that utilize the Google online ad platform. Google’s network of sites that accept its ads is in the millions including large sites like the New York Times and CNN.

Get Professional Google Ads Services


ASCENT can help you plan, implement and manage your pay-per-click PPC campaign in Google Ads. In addition to Google, we also provide PPC ad services for Bing Ads and Facebook. A campaign needs to be done correctly for it to be effective. While the amount you spend is entirely up to you, as certified Google Ads professionals, we can set up your ads, manage, track, and make strategic revisions to your PPC campaign. We produce detailed reports and provide unlimited phone and e–mail support for your campaign to work with you in the process.

ASCENT is one of the only Google Partner Agency’s in the Sound Sound, but we serve customer nationwide. You can trust ASCENT to properly set up you campaign and raise it to new heights.

Contact us today to start getting results from Google Ads!