Ascent is a Google AdWords Certified Partner

I have been using Google AdWords for several years but have now had the opportunity to pass the Google AdWords certification and earn the Google AdWords Certified Partner designation. Google AdWords certification is a professional accreditation from Google that demonstrates proficient in basic and advanced aspects of AdWords.

As an accredited Google Partner, Ascent is now listed as a Partner Agency on and are provided with usage of a Google Partner badge.

Google Partner Agency

Certification Requirements

Becoming Google AdWords Certified is more than just passing certification tests. In addition to passing the AdWords Fundamentals exam and either the Advanced Search or Advanced Play exams, certification requirements includes management of AdWords account spend of at least $10,000 over the past 90 days.

What Does This Mean For Clients?

We have been hard at work setting up and managing successful client AdWords accounts for years. But as our client ad spend grew and online trust factors become increasing important, we made becoming AdWords certification a priority.

Being a certified Google Partner means we follow best Google practices and are an accredited online marketing professional. We also get access to special events and training from Google, industry research, Google product updates, and access to the Google Partners community.

When there are new features available in AdWords, we’ll identify them for clients and help them take advantage of opportunities in the Google search and display network. We also get access to AdWords promotional offers for existing and prospective clients to help them save money on ad spend.

Want Better Performance From Your Google Ads?

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PPC Services

We have helped lawyers, doctors, realtors, and Shark Tank winners set up and optimize their Google ad campaigns and we can help you too. With our experience and certified accreditation, you can rest assured Ascent will expertly manage your pay-per-click search and display campaigns.

We are also experienced with Bing Ads campaign management and can offer a $100 introductory credit on ad spend in the Bing/Yahoo network. Contact us for a free AdWords Review today!

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