Content Marketing Services

Content Marketing Services

ASCENT provides multiple services related to content. We do blog creation, copywriting, and write content that converts.

Why Do You Need Content?


Your website is a powerful marketing platform. It’s how you can connect with customers and new customers can find you. Your website content can be a great way to inform new and existing customers about new information, company news, or talk more about your products and service. You can write articles, express opinions, make announcements, promote products and services, and get engagement and social interaction.

You can also use content for social media posts or email marketing, which is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools.

ASCENT Knows Content


Content should be part of a larger web strategy. Fresh, regular, quality content can play a big role in a website’s success. If you have a well developed site with a lot of inbound links from SEO, you can leverage your website’s strength to reach rank for more keywords through blogs, articles, and other content.

Self–Service Option


With a WordPress website, content is easy to manage. Designated users can be provided a login name and password to enter the administrative page. The WordPress administrative page or “dashboard” is simple to navigate and use.

Once Word Press is set up, you don’t need to know anything about HTML, CSS, or any type of web programming to add new posts and add or update content. It is as easy as entering your title, text, and a few more pieces of information, hitting publish and it does all the Web formatting for you.

If you are on a tight budget and want to do in–house blog writing, you can quickly learn how to add your own blog content and images.

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