Is Automation a Good Fit For Your Business?

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Hi, I’m Jason Nelson, founder of ASCENT Internet Marketing. I feel strongly every business should be utilizing automation in their operations and daily processes.

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When implemented effectively, it saves you time, saves on headcount, gets you more organized, improves your customer relationships, increases prospect conversion rates, and makes you more profitable.

But don’t just take my word for it, check out this recent survey from a leading marketing automation platform…


Sounds pretty good, huh? It’s the ultimate win-win, a no brainer. A huge difference maker than can truly help you streamline your business and make more money. But marketing automation is not for every business.

The types of businesses types that saw the most benefit from using marketing automation are business services, financial services, home services, fitness and wellness, online training, education, ecommerce, software and other services.

Automation works best for businesses that want to fuel growth and want systems in their business to save time, eliminate repetitive tasks, and do things at scale.

So the short and sweet of it is marketing automation…

Is a GOOD fit for you if:• Your business is doing at least $150K revenue per year.

• You have a consistent source of leads/traffic.

• You view your customers as your business’ most valuable asset.

• You have a clear vision of where your business is going and you believe in the power of systems and marketing to help you get there and be more profitable.

You’re 100% committed to your business and take accountability for its success.

• You want your marketing to be more successful and have clarity on your path to growth.

You want to harvest more leads and convert more into customers.

You want to save time and work more efficiently.

Automation may NOT be a good fit if:• Your business is doing less than $150K in annual revenue.

• You do not have a list of at least 200 valuable clients/prospects/contacts.

You don’t want to conquer the chaos in your business and are OK with wearing too many hats.

You don’t want valuable systems working to improve your business.

You don’t want to invest in your business; you’re not confident in its success and aren’t sure where your business is going.

You don’t want to delegate tasks.

• You’re OK with leads falling through the cracks. You don’t want a system where your marketing activity and customer referral data is organized in one place.

• Your company has revenue of over $100M per year. The automation system we use is a best fit for small-medium sized businesses.

The automation platform we use has a monthly cost that currently starts at $99 per month, which is for up to 500 contacts. You can also add-on features such as additional users or ecommerce for an extra charge.

Take Action Now Before Your Competitor Does

Once you have automation working in your business, you’ll never want to go back.

If you’d like to learn more, please do these two simple things:

1. Download these great ideas HERE on how to use automation in your business.

2. Book your free DEMO with me on the link below.

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I can’t wait to connect and look forward to showing you how successful businesses and entrepeneurs transform their businesses with automation and you CAN too!


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Automation Lead
ASCENT Internet Marketing