Automation FAQ

A CRM with marketing automation ties all your conversations together in one place. It's largely about building out campaings. A campaign for a targeted type of prospect, campaigns for new clients, campaigns for client retention, holidays, refer-a-friend, etc. While email can be a critical piece in these campaigns, it is by no means the only thing in campaigns. You can integrate employee tasks, text messaging, direct mail, letters, cards, gifts, invoicing, and so much more with a CRM system, all working together so all your interactions are organized and easily manageable. It also includes landing pages and web forms. It gies you all the tools and puts the interactions in one place so you truly CAN conquer the chaos.
The acceleration rate of this software business is all about how you apply it and implement it. The goal should be to have a campaign launched and having an impact in your business within a month and then ramp up from there.
That's partly true. In our opinion, the real income is from the relationship with the list. And that’s the real value of this software.
Like many things in business like in life, you get out what you put in. Not withstanding, a recent survey of Infusionsoft customers showed the following outcomes:
Yep, check out
Marketing automation is not for everyone. It's perfect for most small businesses but we would recommend having a list size of over 100 and six figure+ revenue for it to make sense. It also is a good fit when you have employees that collaborate and can be assigned tasks.
With Infusionsoft, one user is included in the account. If you work with an Infusionsoft Certified Partner on your account, they can be added as a 'Partner' status user at no cost to you. Users can be added to the account but there is an additional monthly fee per user.
Yes, it offers Infusionsoft ecommerce. You can have products and order forms added to your account which accept payment and connect them with your campaigns. This is an add-on service
Check us out at /testimonials/ or for Infusionsoft, see
If you are new to marketing automation software, it’ll take some time to get familiar with it. The Contacts and 'Campaign Builder' are the tools you'll likely use most. It’s premium software that is an investment in your business.
Infusionsoft periodically offers promotional pricing. Call us at 360-451-0072 for more information on current offers.
At this time, we only support Infusionsoft, the #1 CRM and marketing automation software. Our best clients use it so we use it too.
Infusionsoft requires a 'Kickstart' where you collaborate with an onboarding expert to get started. This is important as it helps you get set up, familiar with the software, and earning quickly. The fee for this varies based on your business needs. As an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, we offer kickstart campaigns.
One application, one user account, CRM, business and marketing automation, unlimited emails, integrations, reporting, the help center, responsive customer phone support, live chat, the marketplace, community forums, virtual events, and more.
It can be done. We offer live training or virtual training with screenshares. Infusionsoft also offers live training through events such as Infusionsoft University or their Accelerator program.
Infusionsoft is built for small business. Whether you are one employee or one hundred. Their company purpose it to help small businesses succeed. The platform gives you enterprise-level power in a small business package. Sound good? It's a match.
Marketing automation is really about being able to deliver a quality product or service at scale. More to come.
You'll need to do a demo as we want it to be the right fit for you. Please contact us as we can do this with you. We love working with customers like you to help them succeed!
To get more customers, save time, be more organized, and make more money.
It can work seamlessly while you're sleeping, makes sales 24/7, and follow up automatically with personalized content that increases sales and makes customers happy.
The rate of return from this software business is all about how you use and how quickly you apply it. The goal should be to have a campaign launched and having an impact in your business within a month and then ramp up from there.