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Based in Olympia, Washington, Ascent Internet Marketing provides Web design, SEO, PPC, SEO, hosting, and related services. Having a visually appealing website is only one part of the equation. We do the hard work that helps brings customers to your website and keeps them coming.

At Ascent, we have a consultative, communicative approach. We work with each of our clients individually, getting their input and feedback, and tailoring a website development plan that best fits the needs of their business and their budget. We have been in the trenches building websites for over seven years and can relate to the challenges your site faces. It can be quite frustrating if the time and money you have spent on your website is not paying dividends. We also help clients with the rapid pace of change on the Web.

Experienced in Web Design and SEO

Jason Nelson - Principal of Ascent Internet Marketing
Jason Nelson is the principal of Ascent Internet.

Jason Nelson is the principal of Ascent Internet. He has years of experience designing and developing websites and putting them at the top of the search engine rankings. Jason and his team design websites to have the maximum impact for a business’ bottom line. Ascent’s professional team have done the work to put numerous websites in the number one position in Google through SEO and PPC. We have a practical, hands–on approach and know what it takes to get results in an ever changing, competitive environment.

As a Google Partner Agency, Ascent can help identify the many online opportunities to help maximize the return from your company’s website and grow your business. We keep up on the latest trends and know what gets results and what doesn’t.

Choose Ascent For Your Business’ Website


Ascent Internet Marketing builds professional, well–designed websites can help you stand out and have customers find you. We can combine the power of professional design with SEO and search engine marketing to let customers find you. This can lead directly to more sales, which can be a substantial contributor to your company’s growth. While we do provide services separately, we believe combining the above services are the best way to maximize the return from a site.

At Ascent, we aim to provide a valuable service at a reasonable price. We offer a free consultation to determine the needs of your company’s website and how we can best serve you. We can identify and target opportunities to help you gain more business from the web.

While we recommend have a comprehensive web strategy, we can customize our services to fit your needs and budget. We can tailor a design or marketing plan that fits your business while maximizing its value. Contact us today to get started.